For Urban Chicks With Brains’ new clothing line collection we are looking for student-entrepreneurs from The Hague! As of 2015 Urban Chicks With Brains will collaborate with student employment agency and career-game on a campaign to promote and stimulate independent student entrepreneurship. Our main goal is to seek candidates who consider starting their own company, small business or already have started their provision of services. For example freelance photographer, legal expert, hairstylist, artist, make-up artist, home care, marketing or web designer. We are looking for young entrepreneurs in the following neighbourhoods: Centrum, Stationsbuurt, Transvaal, Laakkwartier, Molenwijk, Moerwijk, Spoorwijk, Duindorp, Escamp, Loosduinen, Scheveningen and Segbroek. Tag yourself or a potential candidate so we can contact them, or send an email to: