Op 31 augustus released Atlanta native Lloyd zijn nieuwe album ‘Tru”. Zijn eerste single van het album heet ‘Caramel’. Ter promo heeft Lloyd een ‘bijna’ naaktfoto als albumcover art gedeeld met zijn Instagram fans. Hiermee kondigt hij aan dat “Tru” zijn meest persoonlijke album wordt. Beluister”‘Caramel’ alvast hieronder:

So many of us wear the arrogance of ignorance.. finding comfort in contentment. Everyday is another fight to avoid the lure of temptation. To practice humility. To love strangers like family. To love myself, truly. I find it to be most difficult not to take the easy way out. I am most happy to release some of the most personal, challenging, introspective, loving, and soulful music I’ve created thus far in my life. Topics like becoming a father, losing my sister, embracing love over lust, and being true to my roots. All inspired by a need to reach further inside to the core of my soul, in hopes of relieving the burden of acceptance or admiration. Also inspired by the current increase in suicides and hate crime toward others, The battles of depression that still lurk in the shadows, and the appreciation for mothers, sisters, and daughters that is needed now more than ever. thanks to the fans for encouraging me to be a votary of truth and supporting TRU, making it platinum, and to the media for giving attention to a positive frequency over devisive & shallow content.. TRU LP 8/31..

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