Behind every man is a strong woman. Well in this case the woman is right in your face with her creative and artistic street art. Jet Opperman, you can call her Jet, she’s a young graffiti artist from Voorburg, a city near The Hague. She’s an important addition of Stichting Aight, a well-known organization who organize projects and events for youth with specialties within the The Hague hiphop community. They’ve got a yearly festival called I Love Hiphop and this year they’ve facilitated a broad program with different elements from breakdance cypher battles in Theater aan het Spui to a movie night in the stand up art house Filmhuis Den Haag. Female MC’s can check out the Boomdox Cypher, dancers can participate with the breakdance and stand-up dance battles or hang out and chill with performances by Team Magic, rap acts SFB and Cho. Who’s Jet, how did she started and what is her contribution to I Love Hiphop? Read it here:


My name is Jet Opperman, I was born and raised in Voorburg (The Hague), The Netherlands. I’m 17 years old and I work as an intern for Stichting AIGHT. I do a bit of social media management, I’m in charge of the graffiti shop with one other colleague, support the graffiti workshops and do graffiti demonstrations for events. I have been involved with B-girl Sessions for the graffiti part of the event. The Hague Street Art Tour where I translated everything to English and I wrote all the articles about the artists and their artwork and I supported with the organization of I Love Hiphop. My name comes from when I was very young. I have always been obsessed with nature and animals. When I was little I was frequently outside playing, collecting small insects and such. I was especially obsessed about the vague looks of the moth and strange enough they were always around me. At some point I decided that ‘Moth’ was going to be my name from that moment on.

Why did you become a Graffiti Artist?

When I was 12 years old and in my last year of Primairy School I got a graffiti workshop from people from Stichting AIGHT. At the end of the workshop Jochem (my employer now) told me he wanted me to join his group after the summer vacation, so I did. Since I was already drawing and really into art it was a great way for me to work big and in full colors (I usually draw really small monotone things). After a short while I joined the crew with the older guys who taught me how to paint. Which I am still really thankful for because years later I can still do my thing and actually make a little money with it too.

Which graffiti artist inspires you?

Herakut is an artist duo who makes the most amazing art pieces. They really inspired me a lot since their style is similar to mine (but way better of course). I love the way they combine really sweet looking creatures with a really dark and twisted vibe around it.

What was your first spot where you put graffiti on?

My piece was on the wall of the workshop. My first illegal piece was in an abandoned pool in Georgia. Sky is the limit, name a view places where you would like to tag your art on without getting arrested! I’d definitely go for something like a Jet, a marine ship or a submarine. Being a graffiti artist isn’t your average type of job.

How did your environment react to your profession of choice?

The people around me kind of saw it coming since I have been an outcast all my life, I grew into it I guess.

When you look at the hiphop eras where the 4 elements (MC-ing, breakdancing, graffiti and DJ-ing) where the foundation of hiphop and you look at the current state of hiphop, what roll does graffiti play nowadays in the hiphop scene?

I think graffiti is a great thing for the view on the streets, it adds a little color to the monotone city. For me graffiti has always been very important, because it helped me get through the rough patches and I think it can do the same things for others.

What is your contribution to I Love Hiphop Festival in The Hague?

I will be helping the graffiti artists and I will be supporting during most of the events.

What would you recommend visitors to check out during the festival?

I’d say check out the graffiti wall! A few legendary graffiti artists will be making super dope murals throughout the whole festival.

Where can people reach you to follow your artistic journey?

For now I only have my instagram: @enterthebeehiveart, a website and Facebook page will be following soon.

A week filled with hiphop culture, art, dance, movies, streetlife style and more. For details about I Love Hiphop in The Hague? Click here