De tijd is aangebroken om nu echt afscheid te nemen van Barack Obama de 44ste President van de Verenigde Staten. Samen met First Lady Michelle Obama hebben zij een voorbeeldige rol vervuld om Amerika zo goed mogelijk te leiden. Wat gaan we ze ontzettend missen! Alleen al bij het zien van alle afscheidsfilmpjes en mooie black love foto’s tussen Barack en Michelle schiet je al bijna vol. Na 8 jaar presidentschap is het echt tijd om plaats te maken voor whatever is next.

Dear MR. Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama,

I cannot express the way I feel right now. Your black excellence truly inspired, motivated and touched our lives for these past 8 years. Even though you are our not my President, because I was born, raised and live in Europe, you are my President. You both will be missed as positive role models and strong black leaders within the many communities around the globe. I’m not as politically orientated as others, but I am socially active and involved by contributing to my community in the best possible way I can. Many people are afraid of what is coming next, but I’m so thankfull you gave us much wisdom and guidance to stay positive and to keep hope alive. This world is in dyeing need of well-behaved leaders who are involve and care about everybody and not exclude groups based on race, gender, colour, religion, age and anything els that the world perceives as different.

Once again, thank you MR. President for all your great work in the small amount of time you were able to serve the world. You will always be my President and Mrs. Obama you will forever be my #BlackGirlMagic Godmother!

Thank you!

Joan Biekman

CEO and Founder of Urban Chicks With Brains