Just one day left till the World Cup 2014, also known as Copa Del Mundo! The biggest soccer tournament of the world will take place in hot and steamy Brazil. We will promote our new Hood Entrepreneur line during the World Cup Edition photoshoot. Five unique models with Dutch, Surinam, English and African roots will contribute as online cheerleaders of the national teams and soccer fans. Like, Follow and Heart UCWB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, because on all the match days we are sharing a photo. Beneath you’ll see who contributed as a #UCWBTrooper and was part of #TeamUCWB. Salute!


Models: Cherella Gessel, Ciara Mehrtens, Claudine Tholen, Frida van der StapWhitney van Ommeren

Photography & Editing: Zahra Al Musawi from DiamondRaven.com

Make-Up: Des Warner

Kleding & Accessories: Urban Chicks With Brains

Styling & Concept: Urban Chicks With Brains

Fotostudio: Steven Witkam van huureenfotostudio.nl